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Large Collection: Adair

The materials in this record set, catalogued within the LCHS archive as Large Collection: Adair, provide important insights into the experiences of one young woman who sought to file a homestead claim in north central Idaho by "proving-up" her land. Ione Adair grew up in Moscow and communicated frequently with her family while living at 49 Meadows, some 30 miles outside of Avery, Idaho. She kept a detailed journal and wrote letters to her parents and sisters, which have survived more than 100 years and now serve as irreplaceable primary sources for understanding her life. Ione was homesteading when the 1910 forest fire, sometimes called the Big Burn, forever changed the landscape of north Idaho and the policies of the National Forest Service. Her stories of escaping the fire are truly riveting. 

Digitization of this important collection of documents was made possible by a generous donation from LCHS member and friend Annie Fujii, a grand-niece of Ione Adair. We thank her for her support. 

Click on the items below to access a PDF version that can be downloaded. To view these documents in person, please contact our office to make a research appointment - 208.882.1004 or

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