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A Semester Spent With the Oral History Collection

By Brianna Andersen, LCHS intern, University of Idaho History student My name is Brianna Andersen, I am currently a junior at the University of Idaho and I major in history with a minor in religious studies. This past semester I have been an intern at the Latah County Historical Society, and it showed me the role of a curator’s position. I was a part of helping them transcribe oral history reports that were interviews conducted by past interns. The people that were interviewed were men and women that lived in Idaho during significant times in history.

Lola Clyde was a schoolteacher from Idaho and taught rural school children. During her interview she reflects on her life and what it was like growing up and going to school during the years of 1908-1914. She also talks about the importance in the education of rural school children and the issues that are seen in the school systems.

Lola Clyde. LCHS Photo: Clyde.L.03

Norman Berg was a business owner; he ran the first ever liquor store in Troy, Idaho, a few years after prohibition. In his interview he retells his life and as well the major changes that have occurred over the years in Troy.

Another interesting interview I transcribed was about Omar Drury, he was a whitewater rafter, and he discusses significant parts of his life. One aspect of this interview I liked was he spoke about taking his family to Europe in 1974. They visited England, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. The reason I liked this part is because last semester I studied abroad in London and I related to him when he discussed this trip.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my internship at the Latah County Historical Society, I was able to develop better skills in transcribing, as well as learn about Idaho’s local people.

The Centennial Annex at LCHS.

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