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Charles Houston Shattuck at the Bovill Hotel

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

The 1910 through 1912 guest register for the Bovill Hotel is part of the 22nd accession of 1977, donated by Oren Bigham, as part of a larger collection of guest registers that record the hotel’s guests up through 1956.  These registers reside in the document collection of Latah County Historical Society, housed in our Centennial Annex facility.

It’s delightful, but no surprise, to find the great Charles Houston Shattuck registered at the Bovill Hotel on October 27, 1910. Founder of the U of I Forestry program, one of the first in the nation, he had convinced officials of the Potlatch Lumber Company to allow him to use their mills and logging camps as teaching and research facilities.  Shattuck ultimately became the first dean of the college of letters and science.  The old arboretum on campus is named in his honor.

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