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Glancing Through the History of the Moscow Central Lions Club

By Elaina Pierson, LCHS Office Coordinator

LCHS Photo: 25-02-373. Windmill with Lions Club seal.

This week on our Facebook and Instagram feeds, we've been highlighting 2022 LCHS business sponsor Moscow Central Lions Club. Since 1940, this local group has been committed to helping their neighbors in a large variety of ways. From installing flag holders to turkey raffle fundraisers, building playgrounds and hosting Easter egg hunts, they've done it and more.

Part of LCHS's newest collection, "LC Moscow Central Lions Club"

Recently, LCHS acquired a sizeable collection of the group's history, categorized in our archives as "LC Moscow Central Lions Club." In it, the story of the service group is told through pictures, correspondence, newspaper clippings and more. Let's take a look through some of its highlights!

The Moscow Central Lions Club is shown in the following pages building the cement block bathhouse at the city pool in Ghormley Park. 1953.

Games at a Lions Club Fundraiser, 1970s

Installing new drywall in cabins at Camp Grizzly, circa 1977.

Fundraising with lightbulbs, brooms, and garbage bags.

Installing bike path signs around Moscow.

Lions Club Bike Rodeo at the Latah County Fairgrounds, circa 1970s.

East City Park, ca. 1990s.

Installing a cement pad at the Humane Society of the Palouse, ca. 1990s.

The Easter Bunny and Leo the Lion, ca. 2015

Our thanks to the Moscow Central Lions Club for being a 2022 business sponsor, and for entrusting LCHS with these invaluable memories.

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