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Museum Mystery

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Here at the Latah County Historical Society I have been re-organizing the objects collection and cataloging it into our museum management software, Past Perfect.  This project has been a very rewarding project, and I have had fun working on it.  I have a bit of an update and a mystery item today that I found in our collection.  The update is that the toy collection has been organized and cataloged into Past Perfect.  I have attached a photo of this work below.

As I move out of the toy room I found an object that I couldn’t figure out.  As the days have passed I finally did figure it out, but I thought that I’d post it here for everyone to see.  I welcome any ideas or guesses into the comments section below.  I will post the answer to this riddle on tomorrow’s post.

Good luck to you all, I look forward to reading your responses and updating you tomorrow.

 – Zach Wnek Museum Curator Latah County Historical Society

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