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Visitors to the Annex

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Our of our main functions as a museum and library is to provide researchers with information and access to our collections. As unlikely as it sounds, we receive visitors from all over the country, and occasionally from different parts of the world. This year our services have been utilized by researchers from the local area, and from as far abroad as Norway.

Asulf Orvik and his wife visited us in search of information about family members that immigrated to Big Bear Ridge and Deary. We were delighted to be able to provide them with some of the information they requested.

Some of our most common research requests are for family history, the history of a building or its owners, or for photos showing the changing appearance of a building or event. If there is something about the history of Latah County that you would like to know, please come visit us at 327 East Second Street, Moscow, Idaho.

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