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Voting in Latah County

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Looking back on the most recent election makes us proud here at LCHS.  We believe in the importance of voting and its impact on our lives.  Here in Latah County there has been a long standing tradition of voting and its importance.  In researching our archives we came across the following photos of the voting process.

While the voting process is important, there is not much about voting that is more important than the actual ballot.  These ballots were from the election held August 14, 1956.  The ballots represent the Republican and Democratic party tickets for that election.  Notice on the Democratic Party Ticket is long time Senator Frank Church.

Lastly here at LCHS we would like to thank everyone who voted in the last election on Tuesday.  Thank you for having your voice heard.  The election results are available from the Latah County Website here.

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