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“Tah-hy!” I jerked my head up as I heard my name. “Tah-hy! They are coming!”

On June 17, 1877, gunshots marked the start of war—one that swept twelve-year-old Tah-hy (Chief Joseph’s daughter) and her people into a harrowing journey across the American West. Relentlessly pursued, they endured multiple battles, cold, hunger, and death. Eventually, after months of exile and heartbreak, they began their path to a new way of life.

Based on actual events and narrated by Tah-hy’s youthful voice, this biographical novel is intended for young adults, but will also interest older readers. The story presents many aspects of the Nez Perce Dreamer culture and reminds us of what was lost when they were overpowered and displaced.

Color and black and white illustrations


(136 pages)

Be Brave, Tah-hy!

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