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Join Fred Rabe, retired professor from the University of Idaho, on a wonderful journey exploring the rugged, intriguing, beautiful world of high mountain lakes dominated and defined by ice and rock. Our travels take us over 1,000 miles in the Rockies from one lake straddling the border of Canada and Idaho to waterbodies in New Mexico’s Sangre de Cristo Range. Author and ecologist Rabe describes the geology, lake origin, inlets and outlets and extreme conditions existing in these pristine waters together with adaptations necessary for life there to exist. He explains how to classify a high lake based on specific physical, chemical and biotic factors and you’ll enjoy his description and photographs of plants, plankton, aquatic insects, amphibians and fish found in these waters. Research, education and management of high lakes is discussed as well as the serious impacts occurring there from an ever-increasing loving public.

(146 pages)

Exploring High Mountain Lakes in the Rockies

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