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Published in 1977 as Local History Paper No. 2 by the Latah County Historical Society.

From the Editor’s Note: “The tide of pioneer settlers that swept into the Palouse Country a hundred years ago came from the west. [. . .] The first lappings of this tide reached Idaho in 1869-70, touching at Pine Creek in the north end of what is now Latah County, at Kennedy Ford and Moscow in the middle, and at Genesee at the south end. The account given by Opal Lambert Ross covers the Pine Creek community. There, on January 1, 1872, Lyman Davenport made the first homestead entry registered in Latah County. [. . .] Mrs. Ross ably tells the story in a microcosmic record of the Pioneer period. Her tracing of each homestead down to its present ownership is a further service to history, as well as a benchmark for possible future study.”


(71 pages)

Fields & Pine Trees

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