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You name it, we've got it! Really a miniature encyclopedia, this book yields a wealth of historical and practical information about the names of places in Latah County, Idaho.


Who were some of the prominent early settlers, businessmen, teachers? What happened to the almost ninety towns that have disappeared from the face of our maps? How many millions of dollars worth of gold have been mined here? Moscow wasn't really named by Russians, was it? Where are some good parks and campgrounds I can visit? And how could a place like "Yellow Dog" get a name like that? 


From A to Z in Latah County contains over 600 place names with twelve classified index lists including all towns, creeks, historic sites, mines, post offices, recreational sites, and schools. From "Abe" to "Zion" - it's all here!


Lalia Boone is a retired professor of English from the University of Idaho. Her Idaho Place Name Project began in 1966 as a personal hobby when she moved to Moscow from a professorship at the University of Florida. Dr. Boone wanted to know where the place names that sounded so strange to her southern ears came from, what they meant, when and why they were chosen, and who chose them.

From A to Z in Latah County: A Place Name Dictionary

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