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From the forward by Simon K. Benson:

“This new addition of Early History of North Idaho, but more particular the history of Latah County, Moscow (Paradise City) 1871, Troy (Huff Gulch) our first home after World War II. Some of the history first came out in a limited edition in 1903. I have republished with permission and the desire of many of the families, and chiefly as a tribute to my father-in-law Guy Senter (now deceased).

“The book is a valuable reference work on early Northern Idaho and Latah County history from the explorations into the old Oregon territory, of which the counties of Northern Idaho were once a part.

“This book can bring knowledge, enjoyment and memories for anyone who reads it. Books can have a wide distribution and bring joy as an ideal gift.

“Perhaps everyone who ever lived in Latah County or had a parent or grandparent who did, can once again relive the nostalgic, exciting pages of the past. ‘Let’s live to give, learn, love, and remember.’”

(276 pages)

History of North Idaho - Latah County

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