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This is a gently used paperback.

From its wind-swept plains to its snow-capped peaks, Idaho is a land of variety and splendor. It's also a place with a lively and colorful past filled with mountain men, Indian tribes, frontier families, renegades, and business tycoons. It Happened in Idaho takes readers on a rollicking, behind-the-scenes look at some of the characters and episodes from the Gem State's past.


Here you'll read about the mistake that led to the founding of Idaho's first town, a mule that struck silver, the midnight theft of the capital, and the calamitous Teton Dam flood.


Many of the people and events from Idaho's past are well known, but many are not. Do you know how Sun Valley, the first major ski resort in the United States, came into being? Or the story about daredevil Evel Kneivel's attempt to jump the Snake River canyon on a motorcycle? And how did Idaho potatoes become famous?


In an easy-to-read style that 's entertaining and informative, author Randy Stapilus recounts some of the most captivating moments from Idaho's history.


(128 pages)

It Happened in Idaho - Gently Used

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