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By Herman Wiley Ronnenberg


The favorite child of the roaring camp of Scott Bar, California. The belle of the 1863 New Year's Ball in Florence, Idaho. The 14 year old bride of JD Williams, the man who killed Cherokee Bob Talbot in a classic gunfight. The 15 year old widow of the night watchman who was assassinated in Idaho City, Idaho. The 16 year old wife of JJ Manuel, brewer, saloonist and sheriff of Warren, Idaho. The only white woman who disappeared along with her infant son in the New Perce War and has yet to be found. The exciting life of a woman who grew and loved and suffered as Idaho passed from mining camps to settled life. Experience the Life of a Young Frontier Woman!


(199 pages)

Jeanette Manuel: The Life and Legend of the Belle of Fabulous Florence

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