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James Cook, George Vancouver, and Alexander Mackenzie—and to a lesser extent fur traders John Meares and Robert Gray—directly and indirectly influenced the Lewis and Clark expeditionWritten by former Washington State Historical Society Director David L. Nicandri,  Lewis and Clark Reframed examines curious and seemingly inexplicable aspects of the journey after the Corps of Discovery crossed the Rocky Mountains and offers opportunities to place the Lewis and Clark story and the Enlightenment era into historical context.


“Thanks to Nicandri’s extraordinary work of scholarship, all subsequent studies of Lewis and Clark in the Columbia basin must now begin with a mastery of his analysis and reflections.”—Clay S. Jenkinson, from the Foreword


“An extraordinary and welcome addition to personal, professional, community, college, and university library American History collections in general, and Lewis & Clark supplemental studies reading lists in particular.”—Library Bookwatch


(184 pages)

Lewis & Clark Reframed

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