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In this moving memoir, David Johnson shares his journey into the heart and soul of America - and the lessons he has learned about the treasures and extraordinary courage at the core of everyday life.


No Ordinary Lives


Pick names at random from the telephone book. Interview the people. Take down their stories. The idea was deceptively simple, but it made David Johnson one of his generation's most beloved columnists. He never dreamed how much the total strangers he approached professionally would touch - and change - his life.


A modern-day mountain man gave him insights into the painful breakup of his first marriage - and an epiphany on the majestic wilds of the Idaho backcountry. A young mother and child offered him a new perspective on parenting - and innovative ways to be a better father to his two daughters. A hardworking Mexican immigrant instilled in him a newfound appreciation for America. A woman who cared for elderly people in her house helped open his eyes to the real value of having a place in the world to call home. A brave husband with Alzheimer's disease helped him cope with a devastating illness in his own family. And countless other "everyday" people became unexpected sources of comfort, advice, and wisdom. 


No Ordinary Lives presents to you the stories of hundreds of Americans who illuminate and embody the values of home, family, work, love, and spirituality. It pays tribute to the qualities that make us unique - and uniquely American. Most of all, it shows how the answers to our deepest questions are in both the most obvious and most surprising place of all - the hearts of the men and women next door...around the corner...and all around us.


(241 pages)

No Ordinary Lives: One Man's Surprising Journey into the Heart of America

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