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In the frontier towns of Idaho, the combination of gold diggers, corrupt officials, and hot-headed vigilantes created an easily combustible mixture. Serial killer Lyda Lewis made a comfortable living for a while by poisoning her unsuspecting husbands and cashing in on their life insurance policies. When federal investigators were unable to uncover the Eddy and Splawn families’ gold coin counterfeiting scheme, a teenaged store clerk finally infiltrated the operation and gave the authorities enough evidence to send the ringleaders to prison. And “Diamondfield” Jack Davis, who nearly hung for his unfortunate combination of an itchy trigger finger and a big mouth, escaped the noose thanks to his association with the powerful cattlemen.


All this and more is yours for the reading in Outlaw Tales of Idaho, which introduces fourteen of the most dramatic events, and the most daring and despicable desperados, in the history of the Gem State.


Randy Stapilus is an author, blogger, newsletter publisher, and former newspaper reporter and editor. The author of It Happened in Idaho, he is a longtime Idaho resident who now lives in Oregon with his wife, Linda; a cat; and a varying number of dogs.


(175 pages)

Outlaw Tales of Idaho

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