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As a Boy Scout, Peter Baird fought in the Cold War by scanning the skies over Moscow, Idaho for inbound Soviet aircraft. He fought other wars as well, with paralytic polio, rock n' roll, his mother's cancer and his father's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from a World War II gunshot wound. As an adult, Baird became a professional magician who gave shows across the country to benefit cancer research. He also became a trial lawyer who represented his wife before the United States Supreme Court in a freedom of belief case, Ernesto Miranda of the famous Miranda case, the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. which had been infiltrated by government spies, and four Hare Krishna members charged with loitering. As a man, Baird battled depression, made stupid mistakes, endured divorce, and reconciled with his father as the old man descended into Alzheimer's. Throughout, Baird wrote essays and stories about life as he lived it, and law as he practiced it.

(215 pages)

Protecting Moscow from the Soviets

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