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Poem by Genesee-area author David Wahl. 
Illustrations by Lori Wahl.


“The Alvord Sea can be visited only in dreams. The real Lake Alvord was an ancient lake in Oregon, uplifted eons ago, and now dry most of the time.

“About the author: David Wahl worked as an engineer doing circuit design for 10 years. He, his wife Dorothy, and their two daughters, then moved back to Idaho to operate the family farm. They enjoy visits from their Grandchildren, who are the sixth generation from this farm. They have visited the Alvord Desert several times on their travels.

“The Artist: Lori Wahl, a fashion designer, works in colored pencil, watercolor, and pasels, as well as computer illustrations. She did the concept for the last watercolor as well as the fractal-snowflake end-papers for ‘The Ice Dragon’.”

Sailing the Alvord Sea

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