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Sixty Years in the Scablands: A Wildlife Career in the Palouse Hills in the Pacific Northwest

by Gerald Hickman with Tea Joe Hickman and Sabrina Boling

Signed by the author!


The author, Gerald Hickman, has lived and worked in the Channeled Scablands since birth and still lives in Cheney, WA on the northern extent of the Geologic area known as the Scablands.


The book describes the creation of the Scablands as determined by Scientists, the wildlife and people who live there and the author's travels to similar habitats in other parts of our planet from Alaska to Africa.


Two of his granddaughters help in the preparation of the manuscript with their expertise in photography and computer science. Gerald Hickman has a bachelor degree in Wildlife Management from Washington State University and a master's degree from Oklahoma State University where he wrote his thesis on small mammals he studied in Guam, M.I.


The author lives in the Scablands with his wife, Micky, a bird dog named Spot and their cat named Lilly.


(125 pages)

Sixty Years in the Scablands

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