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By John A. Platt


This item has been deaccessioned from the LCHS collection and is being sold as-is; in good, lightly used condition. Hardcover.


Early day history and folklore of the Idaho Panhandle, including Latah, Nez Perce, Idaho and Lewis counties.

Preface by the author: "In writing the following pages I have been influenced by a desire to record for our sons and daughters, and their descendants, a written chronicle of the happenings of our lives, together with a mention of certain interesting events which occurred in the vicinity of Genesee during the pioneer days.


As these events happened from sixty to seventy-five years ago, there may be some lapse of memory or wrong interpretations. I was only a small boy at the time the earlier events transpired, but they made such a deep impression on my mind that I have never forgotten them.


This will not be a complete history – nor a literary masterpiece. It will contain some history, some biography, and perhaps a sprinkling of “blarney.”


If the reader, as he peruses these pages, finds amusement, information or entertainment from my efforts, I will feel amply rewarded.”

Whispers from Old Genesee and Echoes of the Salmon River

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