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Archives Month!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

October, as some of you may know, is American Archives Month.  To get you in the archival mood, I thought I would begin Archives Month by discussing the Latah County Historical Society archives.  When I talk about archives, I am speaking about documentary history.  Historic papers (also referred to as records) stored in acid free folders and in acid free boxes so that they can be preserved as long as possible. 

The LCHS archives are housed in our Centennial Annex.  The LCHS archives consist of five Spacesaver double sided rolling shelving units and one wall mounted shelf.  These 11 shelves contain many treasures of Latah County.  I am hoping to portray these treasures to you with some regularity this month as we celebrate Archives Month.

Below are a few photos of the LCHS archives and the archival boxes used to preserve the records within.  Stay tuned for more as LCHS shares our archives with you, our captivated digital audience, over the course of October.

 – Zach Wnek Museum Curator Latah County Historical Society

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