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History Needs YOU!

One of the most exciting parts of serving as Museum Curator at the Latah County Historical Society (LCHS) is the opportunity to learn from other people's experiences. While I enjoy learning about our citizens' daily lives, all too often, it is the grand events that tend to get the most attention from researchers. Regional [closing of the Potlatch mill], national [panic of 1894], and international events [First World War] have direct impacts on people living in Latah County. The LCHS archives are full of accounts that tell of the challenges, opportunities, and triumphs during trying times.  

Latah County Salvage for Victory campaign, Latah County, Idaho during the Second World War. The Citizens of Latah County have stepped up in the past to do their share. We are now asking you to step up and help tell your story of Latah County. LCHS Image # 30-17-019.

The LCHS archives serve to record stories, in their original format, so that we can preserve these experiences for ours and future generations. Ideally, the LCHS archives contain multiple accounts of the same events. Through recording and preserving our experiences, future generations can learn from them and inform their future decisions. 

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has swept the world, and we believe it is the next watershed moment in world history that will be of interest to the public and researchers for years to come. LCHS invites you to add your story to the historical record of this moment.  

When researching historical events in Latah County, researchers start in a multitude of different directions. Some researchers start with the name of a citizen, others research a city or organization, but many are looking for historical information surrounding an event. We know that in years to come that researchers will be looking for information regarding the Latah County, Idaho, response to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

It can be intimidating to put your thoughts down in perpetuity. We know that everyone has a different perspective and has been impacted by the pandemic in different ways. Filling out this form is your chance to tell precisely how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected you. 

Recording history does not have to be a solitary exercise. Work together with family and friends. Talk about your experiences and how you would like to see them recorded. When you are ready, either submit together or separately. 

Young, old, short, and tall – we all have a unique experience with the pandemic in Latah County. Please take the time to tell your story so that future researchers will have a clear vision of how the Coronavirus impacted Latah County. 

Thank you in advance for your submission. If you have any questions, please contact me personally. We are all living in a historic time, and I hope that you are well.

Zachary Wnek

Museum Curator

Latah County Historical Society

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