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Idaho Central Credit Union Develops Strong Presence in Latah County

Idaho Central Credit Union’s mission to help their members achieve financial success has extended into Latah County. Their newest branch in Moscow is their 41st location, bringing that Green Team cheer to the northern Idaho panhandle. While their growth in recent years has been substantial, their commitment to provide world-class service has stayed their number one priority.

Credit Unions have gained popularity because of their low rates and fees, high service expectations, and convenient access, and Idaho Central has made it their mission to excel in all areas. At ICCU, they don’t mention “customers,” they call everyone “members,” because that’s what they are! Credit Unions are non-profit and owned by their members.

While the credit union movement first began in Germany in 1864, credit unions gained popularity throughout America in the 1900’s. In the 1930’s, credit unions finally gained federal recognition and national acceptance in the United States. (Learn more about credit unions here from the National Credit Union Administration)

Idaho Central Credit Union was originally established shortly after credit unions were introduced to America. It was organized as a state-chartered credit union in 1940 in Boise, Idaho, to serve the financial needs of the officers of other credit unions operating in the State of Idaho. At that time, officers could not belong to the credit union where they worked. On January 31, 1941, the Credit Union reported $298.93 in assets at year end and had 22 members.

Eighty years later, Idaho Central Credit Union has opened up their field of membership and now offers full service locations throughout the Treasure Valley, Magic Valley, Eastern Idaho, and North Idaho. It has grown to have over 439,000 members with $6.9 billion in assets. With being placed in the top three of the Best Places to Work in Idaho for the last nine years, it has grown to have over 1,400 employees across the state!

One of the most recent employees to join ICCU may be a familiar face to the residents of Latah County! Jenny Ford, who was previously the Moscow Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, became Moscow’s newest business development officer in January. She is bringing her experience with local businesses and her commitment to economic development to this position. If you would like to connect with Jenny, feel free to give her a call at (208) 714-0067.

The newest addition to the ICCU branch family is a 5,956-square-foot location at 525 West Third Street in Moscow. This branch has many unique features that reflects the distinct beauty of this area. The custom wood and epoxy river tables that were made by North Idaho artisans, and a finish-grade structural wood ceiling pays tribute to the vast Idahoan wood industry. With tall windows, high ceilings, and efficient systems, this branch is one of the most environmentally friendly branches that Idaho Central has built.

Semler's Texaco Station in 1954, formerly located at 505 W. 3rd Street. Now home to ICCU's Moscow branch. (LCHS Photo 01-02-342)

Next up on Idaho Central’s expansion agenda is a recently purchased property near El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant in Lewiston, Idaho. While there is not a set timeline for this branch yet, the designing process has begun.

ICCU has also become an honorary Vandal with construction well underway on the Idaho Central Credit Union Arena at the University of Idaho, which will open in the fall of 2021. This beautiful, one of a kind arena, will hold 4,700 seats and be the new home for Vandal men’s and women’s basketball teams. It will also host other athletic events, concerts, and academic conferences. This mass timber construction received a Wood Innovation Grant by the University and will also serve as a learning laboratory for students in forestry and engineering.

Artist Rendering of ICCU Arena - Moscow's New Home for Special Events! (Image Source:

Idaho Central has certainly been making an impression in North Idaho with massive honey blonde beams, contemporary branches, and even a 10 year sponsorship for the Palouse Ice Rink, but the core of what they do lies in assisting their members achieve financial success. With this goal in mind, they are currently promoting April as Financial Literacy Month. This national observance presents a great opportunity to address your most pressing financial challenges and write down tangible steps to help you achieve your goals.

This observance began as one day to educate youth on financial literacy in 2000, and eventually evolved into a month long quest to promote an understanding of American’s financial circumstances. This month is promoted by the U.S Department of Education and encourages teaching children on how to make smart financial decisions at any age. Idaho Central has many resources available for individuals who have an interest in exploring how to build positive financial habits at

If you haven’t already, stop by the Moscow branch to welcome the friendly faces of Idaho Central to the area. Also, keep an eye on the Idaho Central Credit Union Arena’s expanding architecture, as it is sure to be a valuable asset to our community!

For more information on the services and products that Idaho Central Credit Union offers, stop by a branch or visit Make sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram as well and be the first to learn about promotions, contests, expert advice, and much more!

This post was created by the Idaho Central Credit Union, a 2021 Gold Sponsor of the Latah County Historical Society. If you'd like to learn more about becoming a business sponsor of LCHS, please get in touch!

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