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Bring home a piece of Palouse history with this gently used collection of books by Moscow's own Carol Ryrie Brink. Included in this package are three fictional novels set against the backdrop of early north Idaho and eastern Washington (Buffalo Coat, Strangers in the Forest, Snow in the River), two books describing the real-life events that inspired her writing (Chain of Hands and Four Girls on a Homestead), as well as pamphlets about Brink's life and the people and places of Buffalo Coat

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Buffalo Coat: Originally published in 1944, Carol Ryrie Brink's first adult novel tells the story of three doctors who came to Opportunity (Moscow), Idaho, in the 1890s, drawn by the town’s promise. All attained their private objectives and financial success, symbolized by owning a great buffalo coat to wear through the bitter winters, yet each of their lives ended in tragedy.


Strangers in the Forest: Originally published in 1959, Strangers in the Forest is set in the white pine timberland of the Idaho panhandle in 1908. The story explores the efforts of the early U.S. Forest Service to instill a sense of conservation in the land—a new concept affecting Idaho’s seemingly inexhaustible forests.


Snow in the River: Originally published in 1964, this became acclaimed Idaho novelist Carol Ryrie Brink's bestselling adult novel. It brings to life an America of unbounded promise, telling the story of three Scottish brothers who settled in eastern Washington and northern Idaho in the early 1900s.


Chain of Hands: At the time of her death in 1981, Carol Ryrie Brink had one remaining unpublished manuscript, the one people in Idaho had been awaiting for years. In this moving and wonderfully written reminiscence, finally published in 1993, the accomplished author details many of the hands that touched hers; the lives that transmitted the mystery of shared experience. Here Brink reveals in non-fiction form the people, places, and events that played so prominently in her fictional books for both adults and children.


Four Girls on a Homestead: A collection of reminiscences and letters from the summer that a 15-year-old Carol Ryrie Brink spent at her aunt's remote homestead in Clearwater country, including illustrations by the author. This period of Brink's life formed the basis of her 1959 novel, Strangers in the Forest.

Carol Ryrie Brink Bundle

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