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Good Times in Old Genesee: A Tale of Two Families

By Gerald Hickman with Tea Joe Hickman

Signed by the author!


With help from his granddaughter Tea Joe, Gerald Hickman shares his love of Western U.S. history in Good Times in Old Genesee. It's a trip in time to his childhood ranch and beyond, back to the pioneers, in the Genesee valley of North-Central Idaho. It's a visit to Old Genesee, a small community deep in the winter snows and summer grains where his family found a place for themselves.


The book covers the period from the first settlers of the 1870s to World War II. It describes the natural history of the area, the early town, and the farming and country life of the early pioneers and those who followed, as engines replaced horses out in the fields.


Gerald lives in Eastern Washington near the rolling Palouse hills that stretch out southward to Genesee, with Micky, his childhood bride of 47 years. They have three grown daughters, a dog named Spot, and a cat named Lilly. He is preparing another book on the Indian Wars 1850 through 1865.


(107 pages)

Good Times in Old Genesee: A Tale of Two Families

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