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Chroniclers have deemed the University of Idaho “The Beacon for Mountain and Plain” and “This Crested Hill”—both are apt monikers for Idaho’s land grant and comprehensive research university. For over 125 years, the University of Idaho has served the people of Idaho, the nation, and the world. As the state’s first university, the University of Idaho looks to a bright future of serving students and contributing to economic and social progress for Idaho and beyond. This book commemorates the proud heritage and innovative spirit of students, faculty, and staff who have shaped the history of the University of Idaho, featuring images from the library’s extensive Special Collections and Archives department. Erin Passehl-Stoddart is an associate professor and head of Special Collections and Archives. Katherine G. Aiken is a professor of history and a proud University of Idaho alumna.

(127 pages)

University of Idaho: The Campus History Series

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