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Our Partners

In Latah County, we are fortunate to have a strong network of organizations working for the preservation of our shared history. Some groups focus on the care and conservation of historic buildings and landscapes while others focus on celebrating the history of a specific town or family. Our Society relies on the expert knowledge of the places and process that each of these organizations share generously. 

Appaloosa Museum & Heritage Center

A visit to the Appaloosa Museum is designed to provide a self-guided exploration of exhibits that include a theater; a hands-on Kid’s Area; a library & archive featuring books, magazines, and videos; and the Apalousey Trading Post gift shop. Exhibits themes range from the early evidence of spotted horses in art and literature, to the relationship between the Appaloosa and the Nez Perce, to the highlights of the modern Appaloosa Horse Club.

Open Monday through Saturday 11am - 4pm

Physical Address: 2720 W. Pullman Road

                         Moscow, ID  83843

Phone Number:  208.882.5578

Email Address: 

Bovill Improvement Group (B.I.G.)

The Bovill Improvement Group is dedicated to restoring the Bovill Opera House for the benefit of their community. Through historic preservation, BIG hopes to promote economic development and community engagement.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 324

                        Bovill, ID  83806

Email Address:

Primary Contact: Jeremy Ritter, BIG President


Find them on Facebook HERE

Friends of Cordelia

Cordelia Lutheran Church is the oldest Lutheran building in Idaho (established in 1883), and is cared for by the Friends of Cordelia nonprofit organization. Cordelia is available, without charge, for weddings, vow renewals, and family gatherings. Experience the beauty, comfort, quaint, respectful, and simple charms of Cordelia, including during their Summer Concerts. 

Open Year-Round to Respectful Visitors

Physical Address: 1501 Daneilson
                         Genesee, ID 83832

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8284 

                         Moscow, ID 83843

Email Address:

Find them on Facebook HERE

Juliaetta-Kendrick Heritage Foundation 

The J-K Heritage Foundation was formed to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Kendrick, Juliaetta, and the surrounding areas; to collect and preserve historical data; to accurately chronicle the material for dissemination and use by the citizens of our area; and to promote programs designed to raise the public awareness of historical values and conditions. The group operates a museum in Kendrick. Reachers can access some of their materials on the JKHF website, others are available by appointment. JKHF has also published a number of pieces that would interest local historians.  

Open the 2nd and 4th Saturdays 2 - 4pm, or by appointment

Physical Address: 614 Main Street

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 37

                        Kendrick, ID  83537

Primary Contact: Sharon Harris, President


Find them on Facebook HERE

Latah County Historic Preservation Commission

The Latah County Historic Preservation Commission was formed by the Board of County Commissioners to safeguard the heritage of the built environment in Latah County. The Commission works to nominate properties to the National Register of Historic Places as well as showcasing the history of Latah County. The group meets on the last Thursday of each month at 1:30pm, location varies. 


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8068

                        Moscow, ID  83843

Primary Contact: Luke Sprague, Liaison to BOCC

                        208.301.3528  or   or

Moscow Historic Preservation Commission

The Moscow Historic Preservation Commission was formed to promote the educational, cultural, economic and general welfare of the public of the City of Moscow through the preservation and protection of buildings, sites, monuments, structures, and areas of historic importance or interest within the city.


Mailing Address: 221 E. Second Street

                        Moscow, ID  83843

Email Address:

Primary Contact: Mike Ray, Staff Liaison

                        208.883.7008  or

Palouse Anthropology

Palouse Anthropology (PA) is a group of researchers interested in preserving the micro-history of the Palouse through the collection of historical artifacts and oral histories. PA also conducts intensive historical investigations of well-known individuals, groups, events, or organizations which were not being pursued by other research programs or entities for the benefit of researchers and future generations.


Mailing Address: 1048 Estes Road                  

                            Moscow, ID  83843-8744

Email Address:

Primary Contact:  Dustin Fleener, M.A., Cultural Anthropologist


Find them on Facebook HERE


Palouse Land Trust

The mission of the Palouse Land trust is to conserve the open space, scenery, wildlife habitat, and water quality of the Palouse region for the benefit of current and future generations. PLT owns and operates Idler's Rest Nature Preserve for the benefit of local residents. The spot on Moscow Mountain has been used as a recreation destination for generations.


Idler's Rest Open Dawn to Dusk

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8506

                        Moscow, ID  83843

Phone Number: 208.596.4496  

Email Address:
Find them on Facebook HERE

Potlatch Historical Society

The Potlatch Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the history of northern Idaho's most well-known company town. The organization curates a museum in Potlatch City Hall as well as a research room in the WI&M Depot, Room 203. 

Museum Open by Appointment During City Hall Hours, call 208.875.0708

Research Room Open by Appointment

Physical Address: 195 6th Street

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 5

                         Potlatch, ID  83855

Email Address:

Primary Contact:  Karen Rohn, President


                         Gary Strong, Vice President


Find them on Facebook HERE

Troy Historical Society

The Troy Historical Society was incorporated in 2006 with the goal of preserving the history of Troy, Idaho. Recently the group purchased a museum space in downtown Troy, which is open to the public. At the museum you will find displays of historic artifacts as well as records and artifacts related to Troy's past. The facility is also open to genealogists.


Open Wednesdays 2 - 6pm & Saturdays 10 - 2pm

Physical Address: 421 S. Main Street

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 351

                         Troy, ID  83871

Primary Contact: David Purtee, President


Find them on Facebook HERE

University of Idaho Special Collections & Archives

Special Collections and Archives is a department in the University of Idaho Library that specializes in the acquisition, preservation, and use of research materials that document the cultural and environmental history of Idaho, the University of Idaho, and to a lesser degree that of surrounding states. As part of their mission, the department assists the public with digitization, research, and workshops. 

Open Monday through Friday 9am - 4pm

Physical Address: 875 Perimeter Drive

                         Moscow, ID  83843

Phone Number:  208.885.0845

Email Address:

Find them on Tumbler HERE

WI&M History Preservation Group

The group's mission is to locate, preserve, and archive all items of a historical nature relating to the history of the Washington, Idaho & Montana Railway; to issue publications on this and related subjects; to encourage public interest in the history of the WI&M and the Potlatch Lumber Company; and, to acquire objects and property appropriate for a museum and/or any of the purposes listed above. The group recently completed renovations of the Potlatch Depot. 

Depot Open for Tours Wednesday through Saturday, 9am - 4pm 

(Visit Blackbird at the Depot for access to building)

Physical Address: 185 6th Street

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 181

                          Potlatch, ID  83855

Email Address:

Primary Contact:  Bob Behal


Find them on Facebook HERE

White Spring Ranch Museum, Library & Archive

Visitors to the historic Lorang ranch can tour an 1876 log cabin, an 1873-1904 farm house, an 1898 barn, and a 1913 early curio natural history roadside museum cabin, which may date back to the early 1880's.
1898 Barn. The g
rounds available for picnics and gatherings, Historical farmhouse available for teas. Researchers have access to 130 years of books, letters, journals, receipts, photographs, artifacts.

House Open Sundays & Tuesdays 1-5 pm, or anytime by appointment

Physical address: 1004 Lorang Road 

                          Genesee, Idaho 83832

Email Address:

Primary Contact:   Diana Conroy


Find them on Facebook HERE

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