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2014 Troy Old Timers’ Day

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Today we at the Latah County Historical Society would like to fill you in on a little event happening in Troy TOMORROW July 12, 2014.   This event is the Troy Old Timers’ Day.  This event is free to attend, however has some costs involved for food and some activities.  To begin talking about this event let’s take a look at the events that are planned.

The event begins with an all you can eat pancake feed for only $5.  This event is sponsored by the Troy Lions Club.  I would suggest eating a light dinner tonight so that you can take advantage of this great deal.  The pancake feed starts at 6 AM, so be early and be hungry.

After everybody is full of pancakes the next natural thing to do is go for a run to help eliminate the calorie overload.  The Boy Scouts are sponsoring a 5K fun run along the Latah Trail beginning at 8 AM.

Once you have ran, it is time to sit back and enjoy a parade down Main Street of Troy.  The parade will have coffee and doughnuts available to replace all those calories you lost while running at the Troy Lutheran Church.

After the parade it is time to sit down for a good, old fashioned buffalo burger.  Buffalo burger sales will start at 11am as will the Snake River Six, a live band.  Live music will continue throughout lunch with Chanda Knaptik performing at 12:15 and Carla Miles performing at 1:15.  The music and lunch is sponsored by the Troy Lions Club.

There is a 3 on 3 basketball tournament beginning at 11 AM hosted by Lori Smith and the Troy Recreation Department.  If basketball isn’t your sport there is also a 4 on 4 volleyball tournament beginning at 11:30 AM hosted by the Troy High School Volleyball team.

The highlight of the afternoon (At least I think so) is the buffalo chip toss.  At high noon there will be a buffalo chip tossing contest so I encourage everyone to chuck their chips and see who can get their pioneer fire starter the furthest.

Well these are simply the morning and early afternoon activities.  The entire event goes until 8 PM.  For a full list of activities, events and vendors I encourage you to go to their website here: .  I hope everybody has a great time out in Troy this weekend, be sure to stay hydrated as the forecast claims it will be close to 100 degrees out there.

– Zach Wnek Museum Curator Latah County Historical Society

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